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E-Book Requirements

For Grades 7 and 8


Directions:  The following links are PDF files of the actual textbook that we use for World History. If using an Apple Computer... Copy and paste the URL (web address) into a web browser.
The PDF links do not work well when using Safari or Firefox as Internet browsers.
If using a PC or Internet Explorer as a web browser... disregard this message.

Chapter 1 Textbook   The First Humans       
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap01.pdf

Chapter 2 Textbook   Western Asia and Egypt     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap02.pdf

Chapter 3 Textbook   India and China     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap03.pdf

Chapter 4 Textbook   Ancient Greece      
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap04.pdf

Chapter 5 Textbook   Rome and the Rise of Christianity     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap05.pdf

Chapter 6 Textbook   The World of Islam     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap06.pdf

Chapter 7 Textbook   Early African Civilizations     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap07.pdf

Chapter 8 Textbook   The Asian World     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap08.pdf

Chapter 9 Textbook   Emerging Europe and the Byzantine Empire     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap09.pdf

Chapter 10 Textbook Europe in the Middle Ages     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap10.pdf

Chapter 11 Textbook The Americas     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap11.pdf

Chapter 12 Textbook Renaissance and Reformation     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap12.pdf

Chapter 13 Textbook The Age of Exploration     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap13.pdf

Chapter 14 Textbook Crisis and Absolutism in Europe     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap14.pdf

Chapter 15 Textbook The Muslim Empires     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap15.pdf

Chapter 16 Textbook The East Asian World     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap16.pdf

Chapter 17 Textbook Revolution and Enlightenment     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap17.pdf

Chapter 18 Textbook The French Revolution and Napoleon     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap18.pdf

Chapter 19 Textbook Industrialization and Nationalism     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap19.pdf

Chapter 20 Textbook Mass Society and Democracy     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap20.pdf

Chapter 21 Textbook The Height of Imperialism     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap21.pdf

Chapter 22 Textbook East Asia Under Challenge     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap22.pdf

Chapter 23 Textbook War and Revolution     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap23.pdf

Chapter 24 Textbook The West Between the Wars     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap24.pdf

Chapter 25 Textbook Nationalism Around the World     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap25.pdf

Chapter 26 Textbook World War II     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap26.pdf

Chapter 27 Textbook Cold War and Postwar Changes     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap27.pdf

Chapter 28 Textbook The Contemporary Western World     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap28.pdf

Chapter 29 Textbook Latin America     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap29.pdf

Chapter 30 Textbook Africa and the Middle East     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap30.pdf

Chapter 31 Textbook Asia and the Pacific     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap31.pdf

Chapter 32 Textbook Challenges and Hopes for the Future     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/chap32.pdf

World Almanac: An almanac full of World Facts & Figures     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/almanac.pdf

Geography Handbook: A handbook of illustration of geography terms     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/geohndbk.pdf

Reference Atlas: An atlas of all types of different maps     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/refatlas.pdf

What is History?: A look at the themes involved in studying history     
URL  http://myweb.unomaha.edu/~dkoenig/whtextbook/whathist.pdf