GIVE - Donate at Oakridge

Thank you for supporting Oakridge International School. Your gift makes a huge difference in the lives of students and teachers. Let us know where you’d like your donation to go. Just select the beneficiary you would like to donate to from the options below.

1. Oakridge International School Grant In-Aid Program

Oakridge International School has always been about providing the best quality education for Pangasinense and Dagupenos. We have never been exclusive and have always been inclusive to all. Thus, Our Grant In-Aid Fund enables students from low-income families but who are deserving access Oakridge education. A series of student screening (standardized tests) , interview and parent's interview are done to ensure students who will be gaining from this program can and will truly value his/her Oakridge education and will be a contributor someday. 

2. Oakridge Para kay Teacher Program

The Para Kay ‘Cher Program  is a proper channel through which medical and financial assistance to qualified current and retired teachers of Oakridge International School can be provided. This is the best  and stealth way to support teachers in Oakridge to increase retention rate and ensure quality teaching to our young leaders.

3.Disaster Relief

This is our emergency fund for helping people in need after a natural calamity or disaster

4. Faculty Development

In order to strengthen our students’ education, we must support the development of our teachers as well. This program is set up for the benefit of our teachers so that our students may reap the benefits of their heightened knowledge

5. Technology Improvement

 Oakridge International School aims to improve the school’s information technology infrastructure to bolster students’ learning experience through the improvement of educational software/systems and holding technology training seminars for students and faculty alike

6. School Improvement Program Fund